32 minutes | Jun 18, 2020

[45] Do Less to Make More With Crista Grasso

What you will learn in this episode The difference between vision and goals and the importance of distinguishing both How to concour decision making fatigue and overwhelm Building a roadmap and the reason you need a visual aid to accomplish your goalsTangile TipsHow to prioritize your tasks correctly to avoid mental clutter S.M.A.R.T Goals -what they are and how to use them in business and lifeUtilizing focus blocks to work smarter and not harder Recommended Resources See Crista’s resource guide for topics discussed todayhttps://www.leanoutmethod.com/resourcesExample of S.M.A.R.T goals Tools for creating kanban Boards and organizing your plansMondays.comTrello.comAsana The Big Leaphttps://www.amazon.com/Big-Leap-Conquer-Hidden-Level/dp/0061735361More Crista Crista Grasso is a lean business consultant who helps growing businesses achieve more by doing less through a combination of strategic planning and lean business practices. She helps business owners eliminate noise, distractions, and competing priorities by identifying the most important things they should focus on right now that will drive maximum value for their customers and maximum profits for their business. Crista created the Lean Out Method and the 90-day Lean Out Planner to help businessowners move out of overwork and overwhelm and into leveling up without doing more work.You can learn more about Crista and connect with her here;www.instagram.com/theleanoutmethodwww.facebook.com/theleanoutmethod
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