82 minutes | Feb 27th 2021

You Can Have an Onlyfans page But your Children Can't Attend Our Catholic School

Mayor Keisha Bottoms from Atlanta tells NBA fans to stay home and not come to Atlanta for NBA Allstar Weekend I guess folks still don't Covid is real. California mom finds a way to make extra income on OnlyFans and someone from her kids Catholic school find out and expel he kids? So much more listen now with your friends and family don't forget to share, share, share, and comment. Subscribe to The Fellas Point of View Make sure you subscribe to The Fellas Point of View Podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts at, also give us a 5-star rating and comment on the show. Follow us on Instagram at @FellasPointofView like our Facebook page The Fellas Point of View. Follow us on Twitter as well @fellasptofview. Also don't forget to share the podcasts with your friends. You can send your questions, comments or concerns to us at thefellaspointofview@gmail.com
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