51 minutes | Jul 27, 2021

TF269 – It’s All About Shopping In A New Generation

Henry Michaelson, CTO and President of Halla, joins us to talk about their taste intelligence platform that uses previous purchases to steer online shoppers towards grocery items. Plus, plan your grocery shopping and save time with the Lollipop AI. CEO Tom Foster-Carter reveals how the grocery marketplace works. Also, Talkshoplive CEO, Bryan Moore, explains their unique shopping experience, which includes your favorite brands, artists, celebrities and more in this livestream social buying and selling platform. In Socially Speaking, we discuss the big problem of older workers missing from the tech industry and how reskilling individuals over 50 could lead to more than 120,000 new IT workers. Find out more information from our guests here: Henry Michaelson: halla.io Bryan Moore: talkshop.live Tom Foster-Carter: lollipopai.com You can also find both AmberMac and Michael B on Twitter.
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