54 minutes | Aug 2, 2021

Reframing Your Language for Healing with Natalie K. Douglas

Have you ever felt like your body is broken because it doesn’t work “normally”? This is a common feeling for women with digestive and gut issues. Today’s guest is passionate about reframing that belief so that true and lasting healing can happen.   About Natalie K. Douglas Natalie K. Douglas is a qualified holistic dietitian and nutritionist, speaker, and host of The Holistic Nutritionists podcast. Through her successful online programs, Thyroid Rescue and Gut Rescue, and in her fully-booked clinical practice, Natalie helps women experiencing thyroid, gut, and hormonal issues reclaim their energy, transform their digestive health, and balance their hormones so they can live happy, healthy and empowered lives. Her results-focused, holistic approach combines the power of functional testing, real food, smart supplementation, movement, stress and sleep management, and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Natalie has completed further study in naturopathy and functional medicine and is also a certified yoga teacher and fitness instructor.   Using the Language of Healing Sadly, for many chronically ill people with invisible illnesses, the belief that you are broken is common. Natalie describes how these beliefs often present physically and make matters worse. To work against this, Natalie teaches her clients to rethink the words they use. She provides examples of using empowering language to foster change. When language is centered on healing, people can better see their worth and identity. By using empowering language, we can remove ourselves from the victim mentality. We can then take ownership of our health and recovery.   Preparing Clients for Success Natalie’s work centers on helping people interpret the messages that their body is sending. This starts with providing the necessary information, strategies, and tools. However, after a certain point, Natalie as the practitioner steps back so that her patients can empower themselves to heal. After all, the end goal is for patients to become independent in their health journey. How can you reframe your mindset through the words you use? Leave a comment on the episode page!   Got a question you’d love to hear me answer on the show? Leave me a voice message here!   In This Episode How Natalie found her interest in women’s health and nutrition [5:30] How women show up when they feel like their body is broken [12:30] How beliefs of a broken body physically manifest [14:15] Using language to support a change in mindset [17:33] Having faith that everything will work out [26:13] Why group programs can improve the healing process [28:58] How much access is the right amount for a client to have with their practitioner [38:00]   Quotes “From the emotional perspective, being able to connect really deeply with people’s stories and how they might be feeling - I think there’s power in people being seen and heard, sometimes for the first time ever.” [11:32] “There’s so much power in our language and in our words. That creates our actions and creates the energy around our actions as well.” [22:01] “Health, healing, everything is so multifaceted and if you’re in any extreme you miss something.” [28:47] “When eventually they’re not working with me, which is the end goal, they still have that same inner-strength as opposed to still having someone else there.” [42:02]   Review Fed and Fearless on Apple Podcasts! Send a screenshot of your review to hello@lauraschoenfeldrd.com or send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll send you my Overcoming Undereating eBook. If you post your favorite episode in your Insta stories and tag me @LauraShoenfeldRD, I’ll also send you my 14-Day Calorie Challenge Recipe Guide!   Links Get on the Business By Design waitlist! Find Natalie K. Douglas online Follow Natalie on Instagram | Facebook  The Holistic Nutritionists podcast Leave a review of Fed and Fearless! Sign Up For The Free Training: The 5 Secrets of Fearlessly Healthy Women of Faith Learn more about business coaching with me Got a question you’d love to hear me answer on the show? Leave me a voice message here! Join the Fed and Fearless Society on Facebook Follow me on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest Podcast production & marketing support by the team at Counterweight Creative
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