33 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser and Trust Your Gut Instead

Today on the show, Judi answers some of your biggest questions. From how to stop being a people pleaser, to making practical movement towards your goals, or what she likes to say, MOVEmentum! Plus, learn what it’s like to feel your intuition manifest in your body, and how you get past those fears that have been keeping you down forever. Also, Judi shares all about failure parties, what they are, and how they can be a strong tool to use and implement into your work and home life!

Today on Yes, And:

  • How to stop people pleasing once and for all
  • Why failing is a good thing
  • How to be successful with goal focused planning 
  • What it really means to trust your intuition
  • Why fear always wants to keep you feeling overwhelmed and stuck
  • Where intuition can manifest in your physical body

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