85 minutes | Jun 30th 2017

TFGP Episode 77

In this episode of TFGP we interview Benjamin Kreger from Warrior Innkeeper Creative about their current Kickstarter of Black Suit of Death, issue 2 where a depressed college student stumbles on the mechanical suit and becomes a Grim Reaper.  Their Kickstarter can be found at fund.blacksuitofdeath.com.  If you love indie comics, or comics in general, do yourself a favor and check it out. You won't be disappointed. We also interview Tom Beardsmore of Coatsink about their upcoming VR game, Augmented Empire a "story-driven tactical RPG set on the island of New Savannah, an isolated neo-noir city divided into three tiers by the ‘Citizen Grade System.’ While the citizens deemed of high societal value live in luxury at the summit, outliers and criminals are forced to live in squalor at the island’s depths." Check out their trailer: https://youtu.be/bf8m7jB_slw. After that, Eric and Matt discuss their final thoughts of E3 2017.
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