83 minutes | Aug 4th 2019

Losing 320lbs with Mike Gorman (@gormy_goes_keto)

In todays podcast, I'm talking with @gormy_goes_keto about his journey through losing 320lbs. He has many great strategies when it comes to mindset, cravings, macros and external pressure, so this is a MUST listen for anyone struggling with keto. Mike's Bio: "I have always struggled with my weight. Sometimes very dramatically. In 2013 I had gotten from my heaviest of 540lbs to an all-time low of 210lbs, but within 6 months I had regained almost 300 pounds. I struggled to find a way to reach my goals weight-wise and help me break free from the cycles of food addiction that dominated my life. In 2017 I decided I needed to try again, and for once I realized the missing piece in all of this was my losing focus on my desire to stay alive, and to fight for that life. I had done research and the keto diet seemed most in line with my needs and also with the good whole foods I loved to eat. I was 470lbs in February of 2017 and just over 2 years later I am 222lbs. The magic of my way of life now isn't the weight loss, but the true sense of control over food and my body that it has given to me. I am no longer a slave to my appetite but feel hopeful that I am building a life that centers on more than my next meal. " Links: Instagram: @gormy_goes_keto Twitter: @gormygoesketo The Fat Guy Forum podcast on iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fat-guy-forum/id1472369190