50 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

The Usual Uncertainties

Every time is different -- but the economic landscape is looking more familiar and the uncertainties more recognizable. But that doesn't mean investors can become complacent! This week, Michael Farr is joined by Jim Lebenthal to talk about the beginning of earnings season and Jim says that the bank earnings have broad implications beyond those stocks. There are plenty of long term concerns to watch -- but nothing approaching crisis level (yet.) Political analyst Dan Mahaffee joins to talk about the wheeling and dealing in the Senate as well as geo-political tensions, all of which have significance in the economic & investing world. For our special guest, Michael welcomes Jenny Harrington, CEO of Gilman Hill Asset Management and CNBC contributor. Jenny dives in to some of the implications of the earnings that Jim brought up, and says there is plenty of room to make money in different places in the markets, but you have to have the investment discipline to separate the story from the numbers -- and the emotional discipline to follow through. It's a great new FarrCast bringing you insight from Wall Street, Washington, and The World!
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