54 minutes | Mar 4, 2021

Sailing Closer to the Falls

This week on The FarrCast, Michael Farr's special guest is Dr. Jay Bryson, Chief Economist from Wells Fargo. He says that for all of the instability of the economy, the outlook is constructive. The Fed and the Treasury have gone big in their solutions, and thus far, going big has worked. Opening the show, Michael welcomes Jim Iuorio from the floor of the CBOE. From the floor, Jim has a similar outlook to Dr. Bryson in the research halls and boardrooms -- constructive, but wary of threats.   Our regular political analyst, Dan Mahaffee, joins us for his segment on the developments in Washington, including vote-a-rama 2 coming soon! It's The FarrCast: Wall Street, Washington, and The World!
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