84 minutes | Aug 16, 2021

Fantasy Joes 188: Predicting July 2022 QB ADP

On this episode, the Joes look into their crystal ball and predict what QB ADP will look like one year from now. Which rookie QBs do the Joes predict have the best chance of vaulting into the top three next year? Which elite QB do the Joes think could slide outside of the top five? Do the Joes have any current college QBs in their top 12 next year? You won’t want to miss this fun and thought-provoking episode all about QB value in your dynasty leagues! Jake is @TakeswithJake, Will is @fantasyjoe_will, and Ryan is @RotoLibrarian. You can also follow the show on Twitter @ffjoes. Help us make the show better by becoming a Patreon patron for as little as $1.99 a month at https://www.patreon.com/fantasyjoes Patreon supporters get access to a bonus episode twice a month!  Outro music is “Welcome to Zombie Coast" by The Zombie Dandies. A new episode of The Fantasy Joes drops (almost) every Monday morning during the 2021 “offseason”. Please subscribe, rate, and review!
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