81 minutes | May 10, 2021

Fantasy Joes 176: @TakeswithJake is a Fantasy Joe & Superflex TE Premium Rookie Mock Draft Discussion!

[@TakeswithJake](https://twitter.com/TakeswithJake) officially joins the Fantasy Joes this episode! The Joes break down who they are targeting in rookie drafts through reacting to a superflex TE premium rookie mock draft the Joes did with some leaguemates this week. How does 2021 Dynasty Platypus, Kyle Pitts, change the approach you might want to consider in your rookie drafts? What late round targets do the Joes like? All this, and so much more, on this episode of the Fantasy Joes! You can find the Fantasy Joes on Twitter: Jake is [@TakeswithJake](https://twitter.com/TakeswithJake), Trey is [@TreyBarrett](https://twitter.com/TreyBarrett), Will is [@fantasyjoe_will](https://twitter.com/fantasyjoe_will), and Ryan is [@RotoLibrarian](https://twitter.com/RotoLibrarian). You can also follow the show on Twitter [@ffjoes](https://twitter.com/ffjoes). Help us make the show better by becoming a Patreon patron for as little as $1.99 a month at [https://www.patreon.com/fantasyjoes](https://www.patreon.com/fantasyjoes). Patreon supporters get access to a bonus episode twice a month! Outro music is “Welcome to Zombie Coast" by [The Zombie Dandies](http://freemusicarchive.org/music/The_Zombie_Dandies/). A new episode of The Fantasy Joes drops (almost) every Monday morning during the 2021 “offseason”. Please subscribe, rate, and review!
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