34 minutes | Jan 20, 2021

Dude Combine

Jordan is somewhere on a beach. So Trent and Samuel try to stay on the rails the best they can.  The dude's recap on the Division matchups Give their dudes and duds of the week. Have some DFS picks Crocs vs Jordans? Bills Mafia baptism DFS picks sneaky plays and more broken table bet DFS tournament https://www.draftkings.com/draft/contest/101699970Show outline  Bell Buckle Tenn-DFS winners-reviews divisional recap -Ravens Offense Disappeared --Packers-most dominant team last week -Chiefs, Henne comes up clutch-Saints, Brees, Thomas, and Kamara-Bucs, Brady wins the Divorce with Belicheck -no Brees, where does Kamara get drafted?Dudes Trent=Tom Brady Samuel= pick 6, Taron Johnson Bills vs Ravens DudsTrent=Randi Mahomes Samuel= Drew BreesDaily Fantasy sports (Draft Kings)Bills at Chiefs Mahomes? Does NFL make Mahomes play?-Bucs at Packers 
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