1 minutes | Jun 25th 2019

Introducing The Fantastic History Of Food

Season One of 'The Fantastic History Of Food' will soon be launching with the first 5 episodes.

I'd really appreciate all of your help in getting more listeners for this podcast as we head towards the launch. The best way to do that is to leave a rating on Apple Podcasts, or whichever platform you listen on. If you have the time to leave a comment of support as well, that will help immensely.

Coming up in the first season:

We take a deep dive into the backstory of one of the middle easts most famous desserts and how it’s linked to the conspiratorial rise and fall of a powerful queen. We’ll also be looking at the time Paris was forced to eat their own zoo animals and the story of Ping Bodie, the New York Yankees hitter who once challenged an ostrich to a spaghetti eating competition.

For more information check out www.foodhistorypodcast.com

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