36 minutes | Oct 6, 2021

Why We Chose Homeschooling (and Why You Should Consider It) | S2 E4

Every parent wants the best education for their children, but these days, it’s very difficult to decide where that education should take place. The Alessis faced the same decision, and they eventually settled on a solution - homeschooling. Steve and Mary Alessi made the switch to homeschooling as they raised their four children and now they are sharing their insights and advice to parents who are considering making the move to homeschooling. In this episode you’ll learn how to find the time, resources and community support to make this transition even if you are working full-time, or worried about the quality of your child's education. You’ll see that homeschooling is more than a fringe community or a fad, but instead a rich and beautiful way to lead and guide your children into becoming responsible, well-educated and confident adults. Resources for Those Interested in Homeschooling Note:  Links are for information purposes only and do not constitute endorsement by Metro Life Church or the Alessi family,Homeschool Legal Defense Association - A national organization dedicated to helping parents exercise their rights to homeschool - https://hslda.org Homeschool Curriculum Choices - from FPEA (Florida Parent Educator Association):  https://fpea.com/homeschooling/choosing-curriculumFor more information on Metro Life Church's Homeschool Co-Op, head to http://metrolifechurch.com and contact us! 
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