33 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

The Benefits of Raising Kids in Church | S1 EP6

Raising kids in church - is it a burden? Or a blessing? 

Is there such a thing as spending too much time in church as a family? And what results can you expect if your family makes church the top priority - even when your kids aren't too happy about it?   

Pastor, songwriter and worship leader Mary Alessi and her daughter Stephanie continue their conversation from Episode 5 on growing up in the ministry, and confront the hard truths of being a ‘church kid’ and being exposed to ministry 24-7. Rather than focusing on the popular stereotypes, Mary and Stephanie unpack their very real experiences as mother and daughter, and explain why keeping church in the center of their family was such a game-changer.

For complete show notes and transcript, go to alessifamilybusiness.com/s1e6

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