55 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

The Disappearance of Leona Kinsey: Carolyn DeFord, Part 2

Leona Kinsey disappeared on October 25, 1999; her daughter Carolyn has both searched for answers in her mother’s cold case—and has pondered what she’ll do if she finds what she seeks. Now an adult and an activist for MMIGW, and all missing and murdered Indigenous people through her Facebook group Missing and Murdered Native Americans, Carolyn continues the story of her young adulthood, and recounts the experience of hearing of her mother’s disappearance from a state away.To get 15% off your next gift, go to UncommonGoods.com/Fall!Go to Masterclass.com/fall for 15% off your annual membership! Start your 100-day free trial with Away at AwayTravel.com/FALLListen to the CBC’s Telling our Twisted Histories: https://www.cbc.ca/listen/cbc-podcasts/906-telling-our-twisted-historiesListen To The Vanished’s coverage of Leona’s Case: https://art19.com/shows/the-vanished-podcast-wondery/episodes/76152ac4-587f-488f-b852-7f33e71cdab3 Written, researched, and hosted by Laurah Norton, with research assistance from Bryan Worters, Audrey Faulkner, and Kim Fritz/Interviews by Brooke Hargrove/Produced and engineered by Maura Currie/Content advisors are Brandy C. Williams, Liv Fallon, and Vic Kennedy/ Theme music by RJR/Special thanks to Angie DoddSources at our website: https://www.thefalllinepodcast.com/sourcesJoin us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thefalllinepodcast2021 All Rights Reserved The Fall Line Podcast, LLCWant to advertise/sponsor our show?We have partnered with AdvertiseCast to handle our advertising/sponsorship requests. They’re great to work with and will help you advertise on our show. Please email sales@advertisecast.com or click the link below to get started. https://www.advertisecast.com/TheFallLine Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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