48 minutes | Dec 30, 2020

ETH 217: Biodiversity and Climate Change: 1 Coin 2 Sides

Rosalind Helfand was enamored with the wild hills of Simi Valley as a child. Their continuous destruction by human expansion ignited a quest for justice that has embedded Roz on the frontlines fighting for environmental and social issues her entire life. Recognition that human rights and the plights facing our natural ecosystems are intertwined has strengthened her resolve.Roz works as a consultant helping develop progressive policies for non-profit and governmental entities. A recent focus has been on the upcoming 2021 Convention on Biological Diversity where her efforts and those of many others have helped establish the state of California as an official observer of the convention.Roz spoke with Wild Lens member Jason Milligan about her history with progressive policy, the challenges facing the Convention on Biological Diversity, and how issues facing biodiversity are intricately linked with climate change.LINKS:Roz Online:https://rozhelfand.comUN Convention on Biological Diversity:https://www.cbd.intGuardian Links Climate Change and Biodiversity:https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/may/06/biodiversity-climate-change-mass-extinctionsPanel Announcing CA as an Observer:https://youtu.be/pr6l4GEIAZYGEC Supports CA’s Participation in CBD:https://gec.eco/gec-supports-ca-participation-in-the-united-nations-convention-on-biological-diversity/CA Biodiversity Collaborative:http://biodiversity.ca.govGovernor Newsom’s Executive Order to Combat Climate Change and Protect Biodiversity:https://www.opc.ca.gov/2020/10/governor-newsom-signs-executive-order-to-conserve-biodiversity-combat-climate-change-and-build-climate-resilience-through-nature-based-solutionsIIED Links Biodiversity and Social Issues:https://www.iied.org/theres-justice-battle-for-biodiversityNPQ Links Biodiversity and Social Issues:https://nonprofitquarterly.org/environmental-justice-moving-equity-from-margins-to-mainstream/
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