30 minutes | Apr 29, 2019

009: Shauna's Sweet Tea w/ Leslie O'Braynt & Susan Newell

Extraordinary Guests: Leslie O'Bryant & Susan Newell of Shauna's Sweet Tea (ShaunaSweetTea.org) 1. I am joined by a fellow military spouse, Leslie O'Braynt and her mom, Susan Newell, who founded Shanua Sweet Tea after Susan's daughter and Leslie's sister, Shauna (a Navy veteran) committed suicide last year. 2. Their mission focuses on mental health and well-being as well as providing support for family members experiencing loss after suicide. 3. They have a product, a Sweet Tea, they are working on canning and distributing to schools in their efforts to target youth, because suicide is the second leading death for people under the age of 24.   Three Things to Know about Freedoms Ring (FreedomsRingUSA.org, @FreedomsRingUSA) 1. Hard Work of Freedom Tour is 2 weeks away, starting in NYC at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.  There are 20 service events lined up across the country between May 10 Military Spouse Day and 4th of July. 2. Quantico, VA is establishing a chapter that will be ready to roll and ready to serve in June.  If you know anyone in the Northern VA area, have them get in touch and volunteer with us. 3. If we aren't in your community yet, there are virtual opportunities.  You don't have to be geographically with us to serve with us.  Join our FRamily freedomsringusa.org (membership is always FRee for everyone!)   Extraordinary Stories 1) Our first story comes from Oxford Alabama where three young men were dining out when they noticed an elderly woman eating at the same Barbeque restaurant alone.  they hated seeing her Alone, so he went to her table asking if he could keep her company and together they shared a meal.  It gets extraordinary because Elenor, the woman is an 80 year old widow and the rest of her family lives out of town. She think this was a godly intervention and these young men said they just wanted to show the world it’s alright to be kind. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/elderly-widow-who-was-invited-to-eat-with-strangers-i-think-it-was-a-god-thing-2019-04-26/   2) Next we go to Huntsville Alabama where David Green teaches history and raises his 16 month old daughter. Six months ago his daughter was diagnosed with cancer and his collegues rallied together to donate their own personal sick days when he ran out.  The Green’s were blown away by the response as they were hoping that he could get enough to be with her once a week for treatment, but ended up with over 100 days donated to him. Mrs. Green said “It’s a huge blessing and we can’t wait until we are in the position to give back and help others.”
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