31 minutes | Apr 15, 2019

008: Krista Simpson Anderson co-founder and CEO of The Unquiet Professional

Extraordinary Guest: Krista Simpson Anderson co-founder and CEO of The Unquiet Professional 1. Krista Simpson Anderson is both a Gold Star and Blue Star Spouse, meaning her first husband (SSgt. Michael Simpson) died in 2013 from injuries sustained in combat and has since remarried (to Gus Anderson) an active duty soldier. 2. After SSgt. Simpson's death, she co-founded The Unquiet Professional as a way to honor her husband's death but also to give back to the military community that had helped her family after his loss. 3. The Unquiet Professional honors both Simpson and Anderson as they not only remember and honor the fallen, but also serve those who are still living through their programs.   3 Things to Know about Freedoms Ring 1.      Our communities need us to be engaged.  There is always opportunities for our communities to be better and often times the solutions are out there needing volunteers to step up and offer their time and talents and skills to make a difference.   2.       Service is empowering and gives extraordinary benefits for our personal well-being.  When we give back we recognize that we do have abilities to make a positive contribution to others.  That we have so much to offer this world and that it feel really good when we do know our worth and help others.   3.       Community engagement through service helps us build the community around us and feel more connected.  This is why we target military families with service.  Not only is service a family value and we are inclined to serve our country, but often times we move every 2-3 years causing a major disruption to our sense of community. When we serve in our communities, we make connections and make our temporary duty stations feel a little more like home each time we engage in the community. We get to know new places, meet new people, and deepen the relationships with the people we already know.   Spirited Stories 1. Our first story comes from Grand Rapids Michigan where police officer Lynema saw Thomas a young boy who had just missed the bus chasing after it.  With permission from his mother, he gave the boy a ride to school. The story only gets more extraordinary from there.  During the ride to school, Thomas said he feared no one would come to his birthday party that night.  Officer Lynema showed up to the party but was the only one there. The next day he threw a party for Thomas when he got off the bus that included a singing quartet and a birthday cake.  Thomas said it was his favorite birthday yet. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/good-news/police-officer-throws-9-year-old-boy-party-after-no-one-showed-up-to-his-birthday/ar-BBVSTuB   2. Next we go to Musgeon Heights, Michigan where a 12 year old boy is helping fill the cities pot holes. This started after a pot hole destroyed his mothers tire and axel and he wanted to make sure that it didn’t happen to anyone else.  One quote from the story that stood out was when Monte the 12 year old said, “ I tell myself: I have a responsibility to do something to help the community out.”   #ExtraordinaryActsForOthers So now its your turn to take responsibility to do something to help our communities out and do extraordinary acts for others which is ordinary service with extra spirit like these stories above.   When you do you service to others or volunteer in your communities share it with us – you can email your story to podcast@freedomsringusa.org, DM us  the story on social media or our preferred way is to post your story with the #ExtraordinaryActsForOthers.   Subscribe, Rate and Review, Share Thank you again for listening to the extraordinary acts for others podcast. If you want to do something extraordinary for us, you can subscribe, rate us and leave a review, and spread the word by sharing on your social media.
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