38 minutes | Apr 8, 2019

007: Inspiring Hands with founder Vanessa Hornedo

Extraordinary Guest: Vanessa Hornedo Founder of Inspiring Hands (Myhandsinspire.org  @InspiringHands) 1. Mission is to support economic opportunities for women in rural undeveloped countries (focused right now in the Dominican Republic).  2. Vanessa's inspiration came from a service trip she did in college to the Dominican Republic and her time serving here at home in AmeriCorps. 3. Vanessa is also a mother of young kids and shares with us how she runs her nonprofit while also raising her sons.   Spirited Stories Our first story comes from Connectictut  Where rapper 50 cent just sold his 51 bedroom mansion.  Yes 51 bedrooms.  Whats extraordinary about this 2.9 million dollar sale is that it was 87% below asking price and 50 cent was happy about it.  He’s happy because it was the first purchase he made when he made it and he is giving the money from the sale to his G-Unit Foundation  which finances nonprofits that benefit disadvantaged communities across the country. https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/50-cent-sold-mansion-for-charity/   Next we go to Central Florida where a Florida Man is in the news for all the right reasons. Johnny Fluitt lived homeless most of his life, but he is using his experience to give back with an organization that served him well, Food Brings Hope. Currently Johnny is a high school senior who is duel enrolled in a community college, works part-time, has an internship and still finds time to volunteer and give back providing nourishment to other homeless youth in the community. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/good-news/once-homeless-teen-now-gives-back-inspires-volusia-community/ar-BBVCrpJ   1. It's National Volunteer Week -- share with your service by using #ExtraordinaryActsForOthers 2. Unite with us www.Freedomsringusa.org, membership is always free.  its earned with your service. 3. Follow us on Facebook,Instagram, Twitter @FreedomsRingUSA  
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