35 minutes | Mar 18, 2019

006: Amanda Baity with SemperK9 Saving Lives of Veterans & Dogs

Extraordinary Guest -- Amanda Baity of Semper K9 (SemperK9.org / @SemperK9) 1. Semper K9 rescues dogs, trains them to be service dogs and matches them with wounded veterans who need the assistance. 2. They have a commitment for life with the veterans. After the match has been made, they continue to reach out to ensure the needs of the veteran are continued to be met. So far, they have match about 50 veterans with Service Dogs and are expanding their facilities and opperations to grow that. 3. Learn more www.SemperK9.org or follow them @SemperK9   Things to know about Freedom's Ring USA (www.FreedomsRingUSA.org / @FreedomsRingUSA) 1. Hard Work of Freedom Tour is May 10 - July 4th.  Visit wwww.FreedomsRingUSA.org/HardWorkOfFreedomTour to see where we are going. 2. There is a virtual option if we are not coming to your community this year.  Sign up and serve in your own community to join us on the Hard Work of Freedom Tour. 3. If you know other service members, their spouses, their parents or siblings, or know extraordinary community members who would want to join us in service Invite them.  All are welcome on the Hard Work of Freedom Tour, though some sites have limited capacity.  You must register on Event Brite.   Spirited Stories of #ExtraordinaryActsForOthers Around our Country 1. Mr. Smith Bought $1000 worth of Girl Scout cookies and told the Girl Scouts to give away all 250 boxes. https://fox13now.com/2019/03/12/man-buys-1000-girl-scout-cookies-tells-scouts-to-hand-them-out/ 2. Texas General Land Office has the Unaccompanied Veterans Program that burries veterans without families with full military honors and supportive community members come out to ensure veterans aren't buried alone. The just buried their 100th veteran and the program's success is being developed in other states and communities. https://www.foxnews.com/us/burial-program-for-veterans-in-texas-reaches-milestone-as-100th-unaccompanied-veteran-laid-to-rest   Get Involved 1. Share your spirite3d story of service -- email it to podcast@FreedomsRingUSA.org or post it on social media using #ExtraordinaryActsForOthers 2. Tag us in goodnews stories @FreedomsRingUSA 3. Enter the Ring, Become a FRiend and Join our FRamily (www.FreedomsRingUSA.org).   Membership is free but earned with your service.  
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