26 minutes | Feb 11, 2019

001: Adding Value Within Business with Combat Flip Flops

3 things to know about Freedom's Ring USA   1. We believe everyone is extraordinary and has gifts, talents and                skills they can share by doing extraordinary acts for others right              now.  2. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little                  extra. The most extraordinary extraordinary acts for others are               most often very ordinary in nature -- but they become                             extraordinary when they are in service of others.  All it takes is for us       to do the extra.  3. The Spirit of Service matters. We define spirit, its an acronym for us.        Stouthearted Patriotism, Idustriousness, Relationships, Idealism, &          Thankfulness.   Extraordinary Guest: Matthew "Griff" Griffin - CEO of Combat Flip Flops  * CFF manufactures peace by intentionally manufacturing their products       in conflict zones and using part of their profits to educate young               Afghan women.  * The details of the starting of Combat Flip Flops is outlined in Steps Ascending: Rise of the Unarmed Forces Griff's new book.   * @CombatFlipFlops on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter   * @CFF.Griff on Instagram   SPIRITED Stories 1. Florida residents step us to help Leo McLarney, a WWII - Pearl Harbor Survivor and veteran of Guadacanal, whose home was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017.  https://miami.cbslocal.com/2019/01/04/cbs4-viewers-stepping-up-to-help-wwii-vet-in-need/ 2. Steve Skinner was told he only has a few months to live, and his life long wish was to attend the Super Bowl. Mr. Medici saw his story after his son was raising money to buy his father a ticket and offered to take the entire family in his suite. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/metro-atlanta-family-fulfills-dying-father-s-wish-to-attend-super-bowl/914728831 ***If you see extraordinary acts for others online, share it with us --- tag @FreedomsRingUSA or use #ExtraordinaryActsForOthers. Extraordinary Acts For Others Challenge Share one Good News Story-- research shows people who witness kindness are more likely to think and behave altruistically and with more kindness themselves.     @FreedomsRingUSA #ExtraordinaryActsForOthers                        Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @SaraHunold Twitter, Instagram
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