71 minutes | Apr 17, 2020

E16: Two-time Olympian Ann Swisshelm on her championship season, personal COVID-19 battle

Take a curling break with us this week as TESN host Price Atkinson is joined again by The Pickwick executive chef and Duluth Curling Club's Dustin "Specs" Tomasetti. They covered a lot of ground including how much pressure is on Team USA next spring with just one World Championship that will now determine the six guaranteed Olympic spots. And what one U.S. curling "classic" game would they most like see replayed on TV?Our guest this week is two-time U.S. Olympian and World Curling Federation analyst Ann Swisshelm who shared a powerful message opening up about her five-week battle with COVID-19. Ann also talked about what the struggle has been like battling the virus as an asthmatic, not leaving the house for over a month except to go to the doctor, how tough it's been for her family and husband Sean and also the outpouring of support she's received from the curling community. And finally, Price and Specs on Netfix's hit series "Tiger King" and why they simply cannot stop watching the "train wreck."
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