60 minutes | Mar 19, 2020

E13: Denver Curling Club's Aaron Johnston after winning the 2020 USA Curling Club Nationals

CurlingZone's Gerry Geurts returns to co-host with Price Atkinson and they hop right into the fluid nature of the COVID-19 epidemic that is wreaking havoc across the world. And that includes the curling world with event cancelations, postponements and more.Our guest this week is Denver Curling Club's Aaron Johnston, fresh off winning the 2020 USA Curling Club Nationals men's title last weekend at the Potomac Curling Club outside of Washington, DC. Aaron shares everything about the event and how it compares to past Nationals he has competed in. And he also talks about the positive coronavirus test by a player who played in the event as well as how they were coping last week with everything changing around them in regarding to the crisis. Price and Gerry wrap it up and promise we WILL have more episodes the rest of the season. Just because the curling action may be done on the ice, it doesn't mean we are! Stay safe, healthy and be smart out there. And we're thinking about everybody navigating thru this turbulent and uncertain time.
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