31 minutes | Jul 3, 2021

The Exploring Leadership Show with Special Guest Kevin Padillo

Kevin Padillo is a bold business leader willing to disrupt the status quo if it means real change happens, especially when it comes to building young men into great leaders. He is also building a thriving marketing agency that helps companies set their lead generation on auto pilot so they can focus on fulfillment. Kevin is openly Christian and willing to talk about his faith with anyone and everyone. Toward the end of this episode he offers a sincere prayer for listeners. Follow Kevin on Instagram: @LeadGenCEOFrom Kevin’s LinkedIn page:WHAT DO I DO? We help you get new clients/recruits using Cold Calling or Linked In.  ◾️Visit www.Leadz.Expert for More Information  ◾️See our Case Studies and Client Success on My Linked In Profile  ◾️Register for Our Free Prospecting Masterclass on FINDING New Clients Using Cold Calling/Social Selling... REGISTER HERE:  ◾️https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcsfuigrzwjGNNNU_GYZkVZ8fjWtXtnYPZi  About me: I'm a 26-year old man from Calgary. I worship JESUS CHRIST and I love adventure.  Contact me here: Team@Leadz.Expert 1-587-999-1361 
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