40 minutes | Jun 18, 2021

The Exploring Leadership Show with Special Guest Angel Ribo

Angel is one of the most positive, present people I’ve ever met. Being intentional, caring, and choosing how we will make an impact in the world are central themes in this interview. As you listen, consider whether you hear any signs of hesitation that would be typical for someone who hasn’t had any food for over 80 hours… shortly after our interview, I received this email from Angel:I forgot to mention, and that would have caused some additional awe - humbly speaking, that I was at the time of our recording on my 84th hour of fasting. We talked about presence and intention..... so..., although I had only been on tea for the last 3 days and counting, the presence always comes from who we really are. That thing that allows us to be aware of who we are, is what holds us up, no matter what.God bless.... I appreciate you.I’m grateful to Angel for inspiring me and I sincerely hope you feel inspired too… and most important, that your feeling of inspiration translates into meaningful action. We can do better together! Connect with Angel LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelribo/ Email: angel@angelribo.com 
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