85 minutes | Jun 7, 2014

Men’s Adventure with C.E. Martin

C.E. Martin, the author of the Stone Soldiers series of books, comes onto the show. C.E. describes his books as a cross between men’s adventure and young adult, but what exactly is men’s adventure? That’s what he and Perry try to get to the bottom of in this episode. Join in as C.E. shares some of his thoughts about the differences and similarities between pulp and men’s adventure, how his views on both influence his writing style, as well as a bit of history about both genres. And as usual, there are quite a bit of tangential discussions, where Perry and C.E. discuss the state of New Pulp and some of the future possibilities posed by ebooks. You can find C.E.’s website about the Stone Soldiers series by going to StoneSoldiers.info, including information on his latest book, Terrorcota!
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