68 minutes | Jul 22, 2014

Marketing with Jim Kukral

One of the biggest problems New Pulp has had in the past few years is reaching out to the right audience. Despite a wealth of great material being produced, New Pulp authors have still failed to make as much of an impact as other indie authors. To help get a better sense of how New Pulp can expand its market, Perry spoke with Jim Kukral, the man behind Author Marketing Club. With eighteen years experience as an Internet marketer and an increased focus on indie authors, Jim brings a lot of knowledge to the table and also offers a valuable perspective as someone coming from outside the pulp realm. Pick up a copy of Go Direct!, Jim’s book on selling directly to readers. Become a member of the Author Marketing Club to learn more about marketing. Visit JimKukral.com for more on Jim, and also listen to the Sell More Books Show.
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