67 minutes | Jun 28, 2014

Genre Hopping with Aaron Smith

“Find one genre and stick to it.” That’s one piece of advice that aspiring authors hear all the time. There’s a school of thought that writing in multiple genres can be somewhat confusing to your readers and make it more difficult for you to build a fanbase. In this interview, I spoke with Aaron Smith, who is a genre-hopping author, having written horror, espionage, mystery, westerns, sci-fi, and more. Even though Aaron acknowledges that those against genre-hopping may have a good point, he says he just can’t help himself from doing it. Listen as we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of writing in multiple genres, whether it can be confusing from a writing standpoint, and how Aaron decides which genre he’ll write in next. Also, please take a few moments to fill out this New Pulp Author Survey. The information collected is entirely anonymous and will be used to determine what New Pulp is doing right and what it could possibly do better. Connect with Aaron on Facebook and Twitter View Aaron’s books on Amazon Visit Aaron at Gods and Galaxies
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