73 minutes | Apr 23, 2014

Expanding Beyond Pulp with Gary Phillips

The twelfth episode features noted crime novelist and also one of the men behind the creation of Black Pulp, Gary Phillips. Gary talks about his experiences growing up with pulp fiction, how he became involved with writing New Pulp, and offers up ideas and suggestions for expanding beyond the boundaries of the New Pulp audience to attract other readers, discussing some of the reasons why New Pulp hasn’t caught on despite the elements being in place, and ideas for how New Pulp can reach a wider audience. Even though we veered off on tangents a few times, we continued to bring the discussion back to the main topic. Very interesting all around, definitely an episode no pulp writer should miss! Be sure to check out Gary’s recent works: The Anti-Gravity Steal The Extractors Also visit him on the web at GDPhillips.com
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