53 minutes | Mar 7th 2019

EF027 Communities are More Than A Sales Funnel with Matt Mecham

Welcome the Expert Focus podcast hosted by the social media pro, engagement growth specialist, and entrepreneur Claire Dowdall. If you’re looking for a boring business podcast, you’re in the wrong place. On this weekly podcast, Claire features fantastic guests from all realms in the business world to discuss their specific specialty as well as offer tips, tricks, and stories from their journeys. Claire is an expert interviewer and gets to the heart of what you want to know. Welcome to your new favorite podcast. In this episode, Claire gets behind the mic with Matt Mecham the co-founder of Invision Community which specializes in independent forums since it’s birth in 2002.  Matt talks about an insurgency in brands needing independent forum services, the cause, and trends surrounding that. Claire and Matt talk about Facebook communities and how they don’t touch the depth that forums and other online communities can offer. Listen to find out:   What limits Facebook groups/communities? Why is there more passion and a stronger connection to community forums versus social media platforms? What do people consider hindrances when using forums? Why is metadata not as important on forums? What are the landscape and people are like within different forums? Don’t have to have a high level of tech knowledge. What are the positives of being a part of or leading an online forum/community? About segmenting content to cause a sharper focus Forum/platform structure   “Forums lower the cost of a company’s spending on support.” “When you google something, you ask a questions and a load of forums show up.” “A lot of women pretend to be men because they feel they get taken more seriously [within forums].” “If Facebook decided to shut down groups/communities, what happens to your people?” “What would happen if ‘this’ disappeared? How can I still have contact with this group of people?”   More of Claire: Claire's LinkedIn Profile The Expert Focus Facebook Group The Expert Focus podcast on iTunes   More of Matt: Matt's LinkedIn Profile Invision Community's Website Matt's Facebook Profile      Interesting Mentions: Film: The Circle
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