58 minutes | Jun 25, 2020

Libby Allaway: CEO of Let's Connect Women

This week on The Execution Zone podcast, we were fortunate enough to be joined by the fabulous, Libby Allaway. Libby is the Founder and CEO of Let's Connect Women.In the podcast you'll hear:Libby's journey of starting Let's Connect WomenHow Libby overcomes barriers to executionHow Libby has been helping entrepreneurs navigate COVID-19The power of having a solution focusThe Connection formula and power of real connectionHer high-performance habits and non-negotiablesYou can connect with Libby here: Website: https://www.letsconnectwomen.com/The connection formula: https://www.letsconnectwomen.com/the-connection-formulaLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/libbyallaway/ Instagram: @letsconnectwomenA bit more about Libby:Founder and CEO – Let’s Connect Women, Author, Presenter, lover of dogs and passionate about supporting women to live their best lives.Libby is founder and CEO of Let’s Connect Women, an organisation established to support women executives and entrepreneurs to live their best lives both personally and professionally.Through monthly meetings and exclusive events, Let’s Connect Women provides a collaborative platform for women to expand their networks, promote and grow their businesses, and to learn and share from each other’s experience and expertise.With over 25 years working in the fashion industry and always with women, she knew there was an inspirational story behind every woman just waiting to be told.She knew that women were quiet achievers and needed a platform where they could come together to support, inspire and connect and knows that when women come together great things can and do happen,She is passionate about supporting women in business and knows that to be truly successful we need to focus on both the personal and the professional aspects of life which is how the 8 to Great Program came about.Libby is also passionate about creating intimate events, experiences and workshops for corporates to re-engage with their clients through using her Little Black Book of fabulously inspirational women to share their storiesCollaboration rather than competition is what Let’s Connect Women is all about. It’s where you don’t just network but truly get to know other women, to learn from them and to share your knowledge, where you will discover how to be a balanced, more successful you.
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