35 minutes | May 14, 2018

OpenNotes Interview with Dr. Cait DesRoches

The OpenNotes project is a program based in the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital that strives to make hospital EHR notes accessible to patients. OpenNotes has gained serious adoption among hospitals across the U.S. with over 21 million patient having access to their notes. But there remain a lot of questions about how this works for patients and doctors. OpenNotes Executive Director Cait DesRoches enters The Exam Room in this episode to discuss how this innovative program works and what it means for the changing landscape of medicine. A great primer on a remarkable program with insight into a more transparent medical future. Show Notes The OpenNotes site. Great information on how your hospital can participate in OpenNotes. https://www.opennotes.org   Access to physician notes is only as good as the notes themselves. Dr. Vartabedian references a 33 charts post on this subject. https://33charts.com/physician-notes/

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