44 minutes | Feb 16th 2020

Scott Sloan: Twenty Plus Years in Radio and He Never Shuts Up

Scott Sloan is the host of the Scott Sloan show on one of the midwest’s largest radio stations, 700WLW/iHeart media. I turn the tables, as I have a regular segment on Scott’s show every Wednesday at 10:35 am. Yet even though I have the mic, he still wants to be in charge. Listen in as Scott talks about his radio career, the changes he has seen in the industry and what he still thinks needs to be addressed. Scott also talks about his “side hustle” that some day, may become his full time gig. Want more career inspiration? Follow The Bauke Group and The Evolved Career on Facebook, The Evolved Careerist on Instagram, and visit www.thebaukegroup.com to read Julie’s blog posts and sign up for powerful monthly career tips to keep your career on track!    Email: julie.bauke@thebaukegroup.com
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