55 minutes | Apr 26th 2020

Morgan Field: The Powerful, Unfiltered Joy Factory

In her words, Morgan Field was a highly functional, massively codependent complete hot mess of a drunk, addicted to toxic men, cigarettes, junk food and work. Now, well, she owns at least one unicorn suit, and does whatever she damn well pleases- and she wants you to do the same. The Author of “Epic Sexy You” and ‘Powerful as F*ck: Own your Shit. Live the Life of Your Dreams” underwent a transformation that you have to hear about to believe. Want more career inspiration? Follow The Bauke Group and The Evolved Career on Facebook, JulieBauke on Instagram, and visit www.thebaukegroup.com to learn more and sign up for powerful monthly career tips to keep your career on track!    Email: julie.bauke@thebaukegroup.com
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