48 minutes | Jun 29th 2020

Mark Carrier: The Reluctant Player turned Enthusiastic Coach and Mentor

His mother pushed him into football and his coach had to pick him up to get him to show up to practice. Fast forward past an illustrious career as a USC Trojan, 11 years as a player and 10 as a coach in the NFL, and it turns out that Momma does indeed know best. Now the Associate Athletic Director at Loyola Academy in Chicago, he gets to live his purpose as a mentor every day. (Oh, and there is a Snoop Dogg reference in this episode too.) Want more career inspiration? Follow The Bauke Group and The Evolved Career on Facebook, JulieBauke on Instagram, and visit www.thebaukegroup.com to learn more and sign up for powerful monthly career tips to keep your career on track!    Email: julie.bauke@thebaukegroup.com
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