45 minutes | Mar 16th 2020

Janice Hilliard: From UHouston Cougar To NCAA to NBA, all for the love of athletes.

Dr. Janice Hilliard is living her purpose. As a student athlete at UHouston, she knew athletes needed more in the way of “life development.” And as her career and life evolved, she never lost sight of that need. Hear her story of moving through the NCAA, 12 years at the NBA, and now running her own consulting firm, always with a focus on pouring her gifts into those the rest of us buy tickets to watch.Want more career inspiration? Follow The Bauke Group and The Evolved Career on Facebook, The Evolved Careerist on Instagram, and visit www.thebaukegroup.com to read Julie’s blog posts and sign up for powerful monthly career tips to keep your career on track!    Email: julie.bauke@thebaukegroup.com
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