31 minutes | Aug 23rd 2020

Bekah Pham Yoxthimer: The Dentist, Philanthropist and Pageant Queen

After following Bekah on social media, I often wondered when she finds time to sleep. But her story about how her father literally commandeered a US military plane to get his family out of Vietnam in 1975 will tell you why she is so focused on using every minute she has to give, teach, mentor- and be the best person she can be.  If nothing else, the story of their escape will take your breath away. And I still don’t know when she finds time to sleep. Want more career inspiration? Follow The Bauke Group and The Evolved Career on Facebook, JulieBauke on Instagram, and visit www.thebaukegroup.com to learn more and sign up for powerful monthly career tips to keep your career on track!    Email: julie.bauke@thebaukegroup.com
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