36 minutes | Mar 20, 2016

034 SHEro Raeeka Yassaie - Find Calmness and Peace With Kundalini Yoga

Welcome! My guest today is Raeeka Yassaie, a bliss-seeker and joy guide. Raeeka coaches, mentors, and teaches yoga and meditation. She previously worked in the corporate world, but now understands how to use her experience to deliver practical and spiritual tools to help people reach their full potential. Raeeka will talk about how we can incorporate Kundalini Yoga into everyday life, even in as little as three minutes! Join us for some actionable inspiration from Raekka!   In this episode, Raeeka shares: Kundalini yoga is the “unknown” yoga and the “mother of all yoga,” as it combines posture, meditation, and chanting into a more holistic, spiritual practice. Kundalini yoga focuses on relaxing. Raeeka says it even seemed “odd” to her at first! How she fell in love with Kundalini, she started with a video, realised that it was amazing for relieving stress, and found a local teacher. After practising for a couple of years, she took the training and became a teacher. One of the foundational goals of Kundalini yoga is to cultivate new teachers all over the world! Kundalini yoga is so flexible and adaptable that you can do it for 3 minutes or 2 hours! Raeeka’s advice about starting Kundalini yoga is to be realistic and start small to create the space in your life. Raeeka noticed subtle changes in her life, like more calmness and peace. Raeeka explains how she uses yoga sets for certain specific physical and emotional issues. Kundalini gives you a direct line to inner wisdom and your inner teacher. Raeeka opens a yoga session with, “I bow to the divine teacher, the inner wisdom.” She ends a session with, “Truth is my identity.” “We don’t need more choices; we are flooded with choices. We need an elevated capacity to be more wise.” In everyday life, Raeeka usually begins each day with an early morning practice, and sometimes ends with a session before bedtime. She does her “breath walk” and finds little “pockets” of time throughout the day. Raeeka’s clients grow and learn and gain calmness. Many benefit from better sleep and more clarity in dealing with life’s issues. Anyone can incorporate Kundalini yoga into Raeeka’s 3-11 minute meditations. Raeeka shares some of the beauty of the mantras and music used in Kundalini yoga.   Top 3 Tips To Incorporate Kundalini Yoga Into Your Life: Be realistic when trying new things. If you stop practising, “Get back on the wagon.” Try to commit to it, however small.   Favourite Quote: “Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.” Anne Lamott   Favourite Fictional Characters: Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, I love her strength and self-assuredness, and Lily from To the Lighthouse, I really relate to the human experience of not being sure. SuperShero Name: Bliss seeker and Joy Guide   About Raeeka: Raeeka is a bliss-seeker and joy guide. She helps others lead blissful, bountiful and beautiful lives. She teaches a Kundalini yoga + meditation as well as coaching and mentoring others through their evolution into their most joyful self. She has nearly a decade of experience working in the corporate world and understands what it means to be under pressure and stressed out. She also understands what it means to change this mindset into something more powerful and meaningful. Raeeka uses her experience to deliver practical and spiritual tools and tips to help people reach their fullest potential.   Connect With Raeeka: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest   Interview Links And Resources: Raeeka's Website  Raeeka's Happiness Library Lot's of freebies for you to enjoy - Yoga, Meditations and Lifestyle   It was Mark Manson (not mason oops - sorry Mark!) that wrote the article I mentioned on why habits are better than goals       
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