29 minutes | May 7th 2020

Keeping small and solo firms going in uncertain times

Robert Harvie and Donna Purcell, two experienced lawyers share their expertise in remote work. Get some tips on virtual firms and managing change.

Robert Harvie has been a Divorce and Family Lawyer in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta for over 30 years. His practice has a special emphasis on complex matrimonial property division, including corporate interests, family trusts, and farm divorce.

Donna Purcell's busy civil litigation practice at Warren Sinclair LLP (since 1995) includes Serious Personal Injury, Employment Law and Civil Litigation.

To learn more about how to improve your small or solo firm, consult the guide How to Innovate: Futures for Small and Solo Law firms and the worksheets:  A Practical Guide to Managing Change

To find a Canadian lawyer, use the CBA Find-A-Lawyer tool.

Nous avons également un épisode similaire dans notre balado en français Juriste branché.

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