34 minutes | Jan 7, 2021

Conversations on Call to Action 27 - Cultural Competency Training

Conversations with the President: The President’s take on TRC’s Calls to Action, Ep 3: Cultural Competency TrainingBrad Regehr discusses Call to Action number 27's aim at making sure practising lawyers receive cultural competency training, with Jennifer David and Michael McDonald, Q.C.  Jennifer David (Chapleau Cree First Nation) is an experienced communicator, project manager, planner and facilitator, is committed to  creating and portraying an accurate and positive narrative of Indigenous people in Canada.  For 2019-2020, Jennifer is President of the NVision Board of Directors.Michael McDonald Q.C. a member of the Peguis First Nation in Manitoba, Michael couples vast business experience with distinct cultural understanding to serve our clients from a holistic perspective, crafting solutions that unite legal, commercial, governance and social interests.Click here to register to The Path - Your Journey Through Indigenous CanadaTo contact us (please include in the subject line ''Podcast''): podcasts@cba.orgPlease subscribe, rate and review our podcast if you are enjoying it on Apple Podcasts.
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