59 minutes | Nov 7th 2017

#014: Building a New World out of Pure Consciousness: The New Earth Vision

- "We will create yet again from the heart our forgotten dreams of divine union to the cosmos… To the ancient new world we will build out of pure consciousness."   In this new episode, we wanted to take the leap of faith to open up, and share with you the vision deep within our hearts which is the real reason why we started EVER…   Since we started, we’ve been doing everything we can to share with you the essence of our vision and purpose…. information which allows you to lift the veil which has been pulled over our eyes for generations…   The keys to unlocking the invisible handcuffs which hold our minds fixed in a control mechanism reality which simply doesn’t serve anymore.   If you’ve been following along, or if you’ve already been deep down the rabbit hole yourself for years, you are perhaps realizing that there’s literally nothing here, this is all pure consciousness, and anything that we put our co-creative collective awareness on manifests into experience.   There are people on this planet already actively teleporting their bodies at will, and countless others who don’t even need to eat and function on prana alone…   We are awakening.   The question now is… if we are beginning to see that this world is nothing but pure consciousness, if we are beginning to wake up to the fact that we are co-creative beings, then what is the vision of the New Earth which we want to build?   Everyone, keeps talking about the global collective awakening, yet few people actually stop to describe the New Earth in detail.   It’s a simple question, “What do we want to create?”    Yet of immense significance, for if we can describe it, envision it, then we can create it.   What would it be like if the hearts of all 8 billion people on our planet beat as one single heart?   What would it be like if every time you looked in the eyes of another, you realized you were looking at yourself?   What would it be like if we all collectively knew at a gut level we are pure consciousness?   This is the vision that scares the crap out of the controlling elite on this planet…    All humanity uniting in consciousness, under one Sun.   …This is why we started EVER, and it’s the vision burning in our hearts which we’d like to share with you.   You may say that we’re dreamers, but there’s a science of working with consciousness to turn dreams into reality, and we’re here to talk about it.   Enjoy.