38 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

Grow Your Brand and Business with CommuniTea

Are you a visionary who has creative ideas in being an impact on your local community and beyond? Discover the secrets to retail and brand success by being a community catalyst. From service to product design and events, it all starts from right where you are with what’s around you! Learn how to think beyond yourself and engage with your community to grow your business and brand.Importance in engaging with your communityHow to think outside the boxTypes of events that your business can host or participate in to increase engagementImportance in providing a sense of community with your tea shopHow to do this with product design and your serviceTo Learn More About Tea Check Out the Universi-Tea Education Program: https://www.universi-tea.comTo Learn More About Sipping Streams Tea Company: https://www.sippingstreams.com
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