23 minutes | Jan 12th 2020

003: Representation Matters - Sophie Smallwood of RoleShare: implementing flexible and inclusive working arrangements

Sophie has worked for big corporates such as Facebook and Ebay and so she knows first hand about these kind of pressures. For women, who are often the main carers in their family, balancing work pressures along with running the home and taking care of the family – can become very frustrating. Sophie has seen this need for flexibility in the workplace, and has decided to do something about it. A year after leaving Facebook she went back to record a video segment for Facebook for Business in London talking about about her startup www.Roleshare.com - the smart matching site for shared roles. Sophie believes in equal opportunity for flexibility. Where all people are encouraged to do what they love, aligned to their strengths. With fulfilling flexible careers, in a diverse workforce. Free to have balanced lives and personal time, with career growth. Regardless of the reason. She wants to enable people to get full-time balance in life and at work, by helping them connect and combine their collective skills, strengths, and experiences for fulfilling shared roles. And so, along with her founding team of future-of-work visionaries, she is bringing Roleshare - the smart matching site for shared roles. Sophie is also modelling a healthy work-life balance. Nikki Tapper caught up with her to find out more about her journey and what we can learn from her passion for creating more flexible working solutions. #theequalgroup #representationmatters #diversityandinclusion
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