66 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

Learn about organic recycling strategies and how it fits into ESG programs with Ryan Cooper of Rubicon.

Learn about organic recycling strategies, challenges, and how it fits into ESG programs with Ryan Cooper, Director of Circular Economy Solutions and the Organics Recycling Lead at Rubicon.  We discuss why composting is a great option for many companies looking to divert their organic waste from landfill. Learn how circular economy practices are not as difficult as one might think and can have a huge benefit on the environment and a company’s bottom line. We discuss how state and federal regulations are changing the expectations of organic recycling to include curbside pickups and the need for more organic processing and compost facilities as well as recycling infrastructure to meet the demand. See why we need to view organics as a resource rather than waste and help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions created by organic waste in landfills. Thanks for our Sponsors: Terra Nova Solutions, E-Tank, and Cascade Environmental. #circulareconomy #organicrecycling #organics #composting #greenhousegas #climatechange #recycling #waste #ESG
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