45 minutes | Aug 12, 2020

Episode 66: Naked at Work — Danessa Knaupp

This week on The EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast, Wes speaks with Danessa Knaupp — Founder, CEO and Executive Coach at Avenue 8 Advisors — a boutique executive coaching and advisory practice. Avenue 8 clients include entrepreneur CEOs, non-profit Executive Directors and Fortune 500 senior leaders, and what once started as a one-woman-show has scaled up to a 14-coach operation. Danessa is also the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller Naked at Work, which proposes a new and better way of leading teams. From her earliest days as a leader, Danessa stood out by bringing her true self to work — in letting down her guard and being open about her shortcomings. However, after finding quick success on the corporate ladder, a failure totally shattered her confidence. Now, once again, she’s using that openness about her successes and failures to find more success — through teaching other leaders to do the same. On the podcast, Danessa gets naked — naked about her wins, naked about her losses, and how she’s using both for the good of others.   The EnTRUEpreneurship Takeaway: “I feel like we’re so focused on the doing in our culture that we often forget the being — being in a place we’re not comfortable or being in a way that isn’t what we would choose. Those things are just as important." “Coaching is a practice. As a coach, I’m never telling you what I think you should do. I’m helping you see a world that’s different than the one that’s in your head." “My advice to people starting out [in big companies] is to consider, ‘What meaning does this job hold for you? What purpose can you find in it?’ Then put all of your gas behind that and don’t pay attention to anything else." “Don’t mistake the wax and wane — particularly the waning — of activity or the slowing of something you wanted for lack of progress. When I look backwards in my career, I see a consistent movement forward in my life." “That’s sort of how I’ve crafted or curated my career — telling myself, ’This is the next thing that sounds interesting or compelling.’" “If you want to be a coach, get real coaching credentials. The dirty secret of coaching is that there is no real regulation of it."   Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed: 3:44: Danessa discusses her lack of exposure to entrepreneurship as a child and how a corporate job out of college primed her for company building. 7:45: Danessa explains her mentality going into her first full-time role and why she believes her team outperformed expectations. 13:09: Knaupp gives some advice for anyone that is looking to thrive at a big company. 14:59: Danessa discusses the “x factor” that helped her climb the ranks at her first corporate job and what ultimately drove her to leave. 19:03: Knaupp describes the agony of her first real bout with failure and the one conversation that helped her put the pieces back together. 24:18: Danessa explains why she left a comfortable corporate job again to pursue a risky entrepreneurial career. 28:33: Knaupp discusses her first client and how his experience inspired her to keep building her business. 31:06: Knaupp shares some advice for anyone looking to start a career as a coach. 38:38: Danessa speaks on her book — Naked at Work — including how the book came about and what readers can expect from reading it. 40:48: Danessa shares some important advice about the ebbs and flows of company growth.   Bulleted List of Resources — Danessa Knaupp -     Personal Website -     LinkedIn -     Twitter -     Naked at Work on Amazon   Avenue 8 Advisors -      Company Website -      LinkedIn
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