32 minutes | Jul 29, 2020

Episode 65: The Introverted Entrepreneur — Matt Curtis

This week on The EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast, Wes interviews Matt Curtis, the owner of Matt Curtis Real Estate. Though based out in the humble South, Matt’s firm is making waves nationally, having grown 2,000 percent in only 7 years. Matt’s now 65-person team of real estate all-stars sold 1,100 homes last year in its relatively small community, has landed the company on the Inc. 5000 list for four consecutive years, has been ranked as high as #33 on The Wall Street Journal’s Top 250 Teams in the Nation list, and has garnered countless local chamber of commerce awards. Matt attributes his career success to the most unlikely trait imaginable — his introverted personality. In fact, according to the stereotype of a traditional salesperson, Matt’s career should’ve never gotten off the ground. But, as do many successful entrepreneurs, Matt took a different perspective and has experienced remarkable success. On the podcast, Matt walks through his entire career journey and digs deep on how he’s found a way to turn a perceived weakness into a profound strength.   The EnTRUEpreneurship Takeaway: “If you’re an introvert, use it to your advantage and really study the profession of selling. Because most people don’t take the time to learn basic selling skills." “When selling, you first have to reprogram yourself. Oftentimes, the objections that you get are not objections from your clients but objections from your own head." “I learned from a California university seminar that you can actually double your income every two years by reading an hour a day in your chosen profession. I took that literally. Every day, I was investing in myself. And you can see that in the growth of our company." “You fire bullets before you fire cannonballs. We’re always testing new things, but we never want to try something that will break the business." “Failures aren’t really losses. You win some; you learn some." “The biggest thing with mistakes is — so that your team knows your human — just confessing them and admitting them. That makes you that much more personable as a leader." “Success all comes down to learning and being a doer of what you learn.”   Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed: 2:47: Matt discusses his earliest exposure to entrepreneurship and how he ended up in real estate. 7:23: Matt explains why he decided to leave his extremely lucrative sales job to move into a full time real estate career. 10:51: Curtis explains how he quickly became his real estate group’s top salesperson and how he was able to use his introverted personality to his advantage. 14:22: Matt discusses his rationale behind leaving his successful real estate job and starting his own agency. 17:01: Curtis describes the catalyst behind leaving his “solopreneur” lifestyle to build a team of real estate professionals. 20:08: Curtis discusses the opportunity and challenge that he saw in investing in others’ professional development. 21:51: Matt shares some practical tips for anyone exiting college with real estate aspirations. 22:53: Matt describes his most difficult challenges as an entrepreneur and the importance of discipline and restraint when growing a business. 26:24: Curtis explains how failure can be opportunity when taking calculated risks. 30:04: Matt looks back and shares some advice he wishes he would have known at the start of his career.   Bulleted List of Resources — Matt Curtis -     LinkedIn   Matt Curtis Real Estate -      Company Website -      Facebook -      Instagram   Double your Real Estate Sales podcast -      Podcast Website -      Facebook -      Instagram
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