45 minutes | Jul 1, 2020

Episode 63: Passion and Purpose — Paula “Pixie” Dezzutti

This week on The EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast, Wes interviews Paula “Pixie” Dezzutti, CEO and Founder of Local Choice Spirits — a business that prides itself on building award-winning liquor brands by helping others create, package, market, and sell their own unique concoctions. Pixie also uses her company as a platform to “pour it forward” and invest in community causes. Local Choice now boasts 50 unique labels, projects $10M in sales in 2020, and has been featured Inc., USA Today, The Huffington Post, and many other news outlets. Pixie would be the first to tell you — her ultra-successful spirits company is not a passion project; it’s a purpose project. And she has no doubt that she’s doing what she was created to do and, because of that, failure isn’t in the cards. On the podcast, Dezzutti walks through her entire entrepreneurial journey, gives the full history of Local Choice — along with her many other projects — and encourages listeners to push beyond the passion and find purpose.   The EnTRUEpreneurship Takeaway: “I talk a lot about the difference between passion and purpose. Passion comes and goes and flares and wanes … I’m very self-disciplined because I know my purpose. And my purpose, at its core, is to provide possibilities for people and to bring them together for celebration of life." “[My business] is not a passion project; it’s a purpose project. The only reason I stay alive is because I don’t have to muster the passion. It’s my purpose that’s driving me." “[As a kid, entrepreneurship was] just about bringing exciting things to people and trying to help them — consulting with them. It was relationship building for me." “I look at time management as the management of your creative emotions during any given segment of space and physical reality on the planet. So I’m not managing the hour; I’m managing my creative energy in the hour." “Don’t be attached to your future. Be present to what is and be in the moment. Love what you have right now because that’s truly all we have anyway."   Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed: 3:38: Paula discusses the birth of her nickname, Pixie. 5:26: Pixie shares the origins of her entrepreneurial spirit — a spirit which drove her to sell her first company at the young age of 18. 13:40: Dezzutti explains how, not being a drinker herself, she found her way into the alcoholic beverages industry and how this one company has now exploded into an empire. 20:05: Pixie shares some wise words on the difference between passion and purpose and why the latter of the two should be our driving force. 24:50: Pixie discusses why she chose to start an incubator company as a first foray into the alcoholic beverages industry, rather than taking the traditional road. 27:11: Dezzutti explains the inspiration behind her company’s first label. 29:33: Pixie describes why, from the get-go, she has been certain that her beverage company was going to be a success. 33:42: Dezzutti explains how the most difficult season she’s ever experienced in entrepreneurship is actually the present day. 36:29: Dezzutti shares some tips on time management, considering she balances her rigorous work schedule with raising nine children. 37:56: Pixie describes what has her most excited about the future of Local Choice Spirits.   Bulleted List of Resources — Paula “Pixie” Dezzutti -     Facebook -     Twitter -     Instagram   Local Choice Spirits -      Company Website -      Facebook -      Twitter -      Instagram   Striped Pig Distillery -      Company Website -      Facebook -      Twitter -      Instagram   Skirt Magazine -      Company Website -      Facebook -      Twitter -      Instagram   
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