38 minutes | Mar 4, 2020

Episode 61: Believe In Yourself — Kathleen Quinn Votaw

This week on The EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast, Wes speaks with Kathleen Quinn Votaw — CEO and Founder at TalenTrust, a strategic recruiting and human capital consulting firm that is redefining the staffing industry. Votaw’s long-term, robust approach to staffing has led to explosive growth for her company; from 2010 to 2015, her company grew from $200k in revenue to a whopping $2.4M. And, since 2015, her company has sustained multi-million dollar revenue and has been featured multiple times on the Inc. 5000 list, among many other places.  Life hasn’t been easy for Kathleen who, within the span of 60 days, had her firstborn child and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. And on top of all of this was added stress from a contentious job situation. However, through it all, Kathleen surrounded herself with positive influences who reminded her to believe in herself and, ultimately, helped her push through and establish her, now, multi-million dollar staffing firm. On the podcast, Kathleen walks through her inspiring journey and weaves in practical takeaways for entrepreneurs of all industries and walks of life.   The EnTRUEpreneurship Takeaway: “My motivation has always been to build a great life. It’s not about wealth; it’s about having the freedom to do what you want to do." “There’s good debt, and there’s bad debt ... Debt has helped me grow, so it can be investment as well." “If you put your people first — those people who help you grow and achieve your dreams — everything else will fall into place." “If you just stop and listen, you’re going to learn ... You can learn so much, just by listening." “There are so many people out there building a life by their definition, versus going to work as an employee. And there’s nothing wrong with going to work as an employee… But it didn’t fit me and my persona." “It’s our choice to be happy. The only thing you can do is choose to be happy. And I choose happiness." “Don’t be afraid of your light; let it shine bright … The risk in being afraid is not achieving your dreams." “Sometimes people can see your strengths better than you can." “The dinner table is a great place to build faith, to build love, to build a foundation of success for yourself and your family. And to teach each other what’s important in life."   Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed: 3:02: Kathleen describes how, as a young child, her family taught her to love well and be courageous and how she first found herself in the staffing industry. 5:24: Kathleen explains why the staffing industry held such an appeal for her. 8:38: Votaw shares her ultimate motivation behind building her own business inside of the staffing industry. 10:44: Votaw retells the difficult events that pushed her towards starting her own venture and discusses the importance of choosing happiness in difficult times. 14:31: Kathleen reflects on the days leading up to when she finally launched her own company and how her company experienced success in its earliest days. 19:07: Kathleen relives 2009 — one of her company’s most difficult years — and remembers one event that gave her hope in a hopeless time. 23:27: Votaw shares some lessons that she learned during 2009 that have allowed her to succeed and grow since that difficult year. 28:19: Kathleen explains how, in an extremely competitive industry, her company sets itself apart and has grown to the point of multi-million dollar revenue. 34:12: Votaw discusses her company’s future, including a recent, hot-off-the-press shift in her company’s direction. 36:47: Kathleen shares some valuable advice that she wishes she would have known when she started her professional journey in 1984.   Bulleted List of Resources — Kathleen Quinn Votaw -     Personal Website -     LinkedIn -     Solve the People Puzzle on Amazon   TalenTrust -      Company Website -      Facebook -      Twitter -      YouTube -      LinkedIn
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