32 minutes | Jan 29th 2020

The Power of Memoirs with Angel Davis

Angel Davis joins "The EntreQueerNeur Show with Asa Leveaux" to discuss how each person has a story worth sharing. Angel Davis is a Literary Alchemist with a gift in helping clients share their stories from an authentic and powerful place through The Memoir Experience.  Her talent as a developmental editor has contributed to her client’s book going on to become an Amazon Best Seller. Her goal is to expand her business to a full-service literary boutique, which offers her clients full support. In addition to her work in the literary field, Angel is a Sacred Energy Doula. She provides a safe space for women to discover their natural goddess and sexual energy, without judgment, and own it! To Connect with Angel: Facebook: @angelcookiedavis Instagram: @angel_cdavis Twitter: @angel_cdavis Join the EntreQueerNeur Facebook Family: http://family.asaleveaux.com For more information visit www.asaleveaux.com
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